State Swallows NIMBY's Geoduck Story

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Enroute to an assignment in Spain, so this isn't as detailed as it would be, were I not waiting for a connecting flight.

Still, a word about a disturbing story in the Pee Eye yesterday. It seems that Taylor Shellfish is facing a huge fine, well over a million clams, for inadvertently "trespassing" on DNR tidelands.

Taylor points out that it bought the land decades ago. The tresspass charge comes from NIMBY and longtime aquaculture foe Laura Hendricks, who convinced the state that Taylor's geoducks farm on Totten Inlet is evil. Funny, just four years ago the Pee Eye ran a detailed piece about the terrific future of geoduck farming.

Want to know more about geoducks? Info here and here. Want to see for yourself? Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" series airs its Geoduck Farmer episode tonight; you can watch host Mike Rowe waist deep in mud as he harvests the giant clams in the cold waters of Puget Sound.

Nor have we heard the last of geoducks. Shellfish guru Jon Rowley says they're the next big thing for restaurant tables. Meantime, he'll be at the annual (and sold out) Oyster New Year tonight at Elliott's Oyster House, shucking East Coast Virginicas (grown on Totten Inlet, as it happens) like nobody's business.

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