BoKA Warms Up for Summer

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Best of Kitchen Artistry, BoKA for short, invited Cornichon to a "Summer Solstice Cocktail Celebration" Cornichon couldn't make it, but sent volunteer guest blogger Jacqueline Pruner instead. Her report:

BoKA%20drinks.jpgIn honor of the summer solstice (and what we can only hope is the arrival of summer), BoKA is extending its lineup of signature drinks and adding three "urban bites." Joining the tasty white peach cosmo are a coconut mojito (sparkling soda and creamy coconut), and a ginger limonata (refreshing, though not very gingery). Best is the pineapple rush, an unlikely combination of Tres Generaciones silver tequila and Red Bull; it starts off strong on the tequila, then mellows and sweetens as the pineapple sorbet liquefies...definitely grows on you.

Standout among the new apps is a yummy rhubarb bruschetta: light with a lovely layered flavor of brown butter, blue cheese, golden raisins and, of course, rhubarb.

There's also a crispy chicken drumette and a chili-garlic shrimp, complete with torn basil and spicy chili aioli (too spicy for my taste; I’d prefer a creamier, cooler aioli to balance out the uber-hot of the shrimp).

And if the sun don't shine? “When it rains, BoKA pours” is the promo. Free valet parking (very helpful on First) and a $6 Tropical Rain cocktail made with mango and pineapple rum, fresh fruit juices and (of course) an umbrella.

BoKA in the Hotel 1000, 1000 First Ave., Seattle 206 957-1000

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