Earthquake Relief; Certified Pizzas

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Over 50 Seattle restaurants, including almost every Italian joint in town, will donate a substantial portion of their proceeds Wednesday ("Big Night for Abruzzo") to a rebuilding effort in the region of central Italy devastated by a major earthquake in April. Some 300 people died, over 60,000 were left homeless; countless medieval buildings were destroyed or severely damaged.

Mike McConnell of Caffè Vita and Via Tribunali led a Seattle group to the scene a couple of weeks ago and returned to organize the fund-raising effort. Michael Hebb produced this video to illustrate what the money's going for: a children's playground. Because kids everywhere deserve a place to practice soccer, no?

Meantime, the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana has sent an official delegation to Seattle to inspect and authenticate several Neapolitan-style pizza ovens installed by Italian craftsmen at local pizza parlors. The four-man team will be welcomed to town with a rare view from the Space Needle, ascending three ladders to the roof-top hatch. Back on the ground, they're expected to "certify" seven pizza ovens: four recent Via Tribunali stores plus Picolinos, Pulcinella and Tutta Bella in Issaquah. For his part, Hizzoner Nickels will proclaim this "Verace Pizza Napolitana" Week.

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