Molly and Brandon: Crossing Delancey

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Molly_Brandon.JPGHe's Brandon Pettit, musician from New York. She's Molly Wizenberg, the voice of Orangette. Their romance is chronicled in Molly's book, A Homemade LIfe ( title that makes you think it's going to be about an old lady's patterns for quilts, while it's actually two interwoven stories about Molly's dad and Molly's boyfriend). Anyway, Brandon--a composer and lecturer who studied in France (as did Molly) moved to Seattle and, wouldn't you know it, decided that his calling life was (wait for it) pizza.

And not just any pizza, but his very own pizza parlor, to be called (wait for it) Delancey. (If you don't quite get it, back up two decades, to the Amy Irving movie, Crossing Delancey.) The point of this self-referential loop of cultural expectations is about to reach fruition: Delancey (the pizza parlor, off 15th NW, in the no-man's land between Ballard and Crown Heights) has announced an opening day, August 12th, and a series of pre-opening events for friends and family. Hungry? Follow the young couple on Twitter.

Delancey, 1415 NW 70th St.,    Delancey (Opening Soon) on Urbanspoon

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