Devour the Pig

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Two cute little places here in Victoria, BC, and we do mean little.

Street%20sign%20at%20Devour.JPG Cassoulet%20at%20Devour.JPG Devour%27s%20Jena%20Stewart.JPG

Devour, all of six months old, has all of a dozen seats, but it has a big heart. As you walk in, you're engulfed in a steam cloud of cumin (the cashew and apricot curry), duck fat (the cassoulet), and chili (the braised lamb shank) and truffle (celeriac mashed potatoes). Wafts of honey, cedar, vanilla, cinnamon. Jena Stewart does it all, with help from her partner Alison Bigg. They're open for lunch and pre-theater (theatre, sorry) bites. (The Royal is just across the street.) This is seductive comfort food, prepared with care.

Pig%20sign.JPG At%20Pig.JPG Linguini%20%26%20Josh%20.JPG

A couple of blocks away is Pig, full name Pig BBQ Joint, a hole-in-the-wall takeout venture by Jeff Hetherington (who still pulls an occasional shift as a cook at Brasserie l'Ecole). Sandwiches are $5, barbecued pork with linguini $6. Ice tea or soda are the drinks, Johnny Cash (on vinyl) provides the music. Wanna pickle (on a stick) with that? An extra buck.The cook, Josh Carlson, wears a tee that says "Pleasure to Meat You." The pleasure is ours.

Devour, 762 Broughton St., Victoria BC, 250-590-3231    Devour on Urbanspoon
Pig BBQ Joint, 749 View St., Victoria BC, 250-381-4677  Pig BBQ Joint on Urbanspoon

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