Ethnic Flavors of Israel: Seven Women, Seven Heritages

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Seven Israeli women—all immigrants to Israel from the Middle East, Africa and Europe— have been in Seattle for the past week, offering cooking and spice workshops at temples and synagogues as well as private homes.

Through traditional food, song and dance, they shared their inspiring stories of Aliyah (immigration to Israel), during which they overcame incredible odds—some surviving warzones or traveling for days on foot—in order to safely reach the safety of Israel. Originally from Morocco, Yemen, Iraq, Kurdistan, Ethiopia and Bukhara, they cooked traditional ethnic dishes like Iraqi couscous, Yemen lachuch, Moroccan eggplant and Ethiopian Dabu for their audiences.

The visit to Seattle was more than a cultural curiosity. It was also the culmination of a 14-week project to benefit the visitors, a program aimed at teaching them how to improve their skills in business, cooking and public speaking. "The goal of our project is to help them to develop a cooperative food business in Israel," said Tana Senn, marketing & communications director for the local sponsor, the Jewish Federation of Seattle. "Our hope is that the program will go on to inspire other women to start small businesses and be able to support themselves and their families."

The program was funded by the local Jewish Federation as a part of the TIPS Partnership, an association of Jewish communities in Tucson, Phoenix and Seattle and the city of Kiryat Malachi and the Hof Ashkelon region in Israel.

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Photos by Kevin Nider, Jewish Federation of Seattle

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