Il Corvo Moving, Local Pho Opening

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Turning out pasta at Il Corvo on the Hillclimb; Local Pho opens in Belltown

Mike Easton, who became Seattle's pasta prodigy when he launched his tiny operation inside Procopio Gelateria in May 2011, is moving his shop to an actual space--the former BuiltBurger at 217 James St. a 1,100-square-foot spot just down the street from the King County Courthouse. Easton will be able to extend his hours past lunchtime and host dinners. (Easton originally had his sights on an old pizzeria space nearby, but that fell through.) The "new" Corvo is expected to open early next year under the same name.

Meantime,across the street from the Belltown Dog Park, in the space formerly occupied by Gambas, Local Pho, and for the past week it has been ladling inexpensive bowls of fragrant Vietnamese beef & rice-noodle soup to an appreciative clientele. The owner is Sam Han, who's also one of the chefs, with a 20-year career in small neighborhood eateries (notably Lucky's Pho in Fremont and Mooberry in Ballard).

The pho is $6.95 at lunch, $7.95 at dinner. Also available are banh mi ($5 during weekday lunch hours) along with a few grilled and sauteed dishes in the traditional chicken-pork-shrimp-tofu conjugation with rice or noodles and NY-style cheesecake for dessert.

Local Pho, 2230 Third Avenue, Seattle, 206-441-5995  Local Pho on Urbanspoon

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