Enza's gluten-free cannoli

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You've probably never seen anything like this. Cannoli, sure. Ricotta-filled, senza dubbio. But gluten-free, betcha not.

Reason being that gluten-free flour doesn't act like "regular" flour. The most delicate (and pricey), from Caputo, is a blend of rice flour, corn starch, potato starch, soy flour, and sugar, thickened with guar gum, xanthum gum and unidentified "dietary fiber."

Superfine Antimo Molino Caputo "00"is the indispensable flour for Neapolitan pizza, due primarily to its high gluten content, 12.5 percent. The company also markets a version that's entirely gluten-free, called FioreGlut..Side note: The product is variously called "Antico" or "Antimo," and so does Caputo itself. Amazon sells an 11-lb (5 kg) tub for $70, to give you an idea how valuable it is.

What brings this up is Enza Sorrentino's latest venture, gluten-free pastries. In addition to cannoli, look for a costata (Sicilian cheesecake) and an assortment of tartes. For now, Mamma is cooking at her son's restaurant in Magnolia, Mondello, ask for it on the dessert menu, $8.

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