Not just in Italy: Prosciutto

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Bologna 2016.jpg

BOLOGNA--Proper name Prosciutto di Parma, also called prosciutto crudo (cured by air-drying in the moist hills of the Apennines) to differentiate it from the boiled, ham-on-rye version. Shipped around the world these days, thanks to FedEx and DHL, served as an appetizer with melon or figs. Sliced transparently thin, by hand or on a hand-cranked machine, it melts in your mouth.

Where in Seattle? Italian-themed spots like Bar Cotto and Tavlo&agrae;ta; the better pizza places (Tutta Bella, Gabbiano, Tribunali, Mio Posto); Salumi (of course); Mondello in Magnolia (that's Enza Sorrentino showing the proper thickness).

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