Bourdain invades Seattle, gets baked

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Seattke skyline from Seacrest dock - Copy - Copy.JPG

When you're Anthony Bourdain, parachuting into Seattle for his Parts Unknown show, you go for the cheap shots: weed, serial killers (WTF?), Nathan Myhrvold's Modernist Cuisine, Amazon, and did I mention weed?

GeekWire's John Cook & Todd Bishop try to set things straight, but Tony seems to have made up his mind, even to the point of mistaking Port of Seattle cranes on Harbor Island ("as far as the eye can see") for construction sites on Cap Hill.

It falls to Knute Berger to play defense for the home team. We've got great ingredients up here in the NW corner of the nation, after all. Then comes the fog and the dark days from October to February, and, of course, the serial killers.

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