Carla Schier's magic wand

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Carla Schier with Veuve Clicquot cake.jpg

Born in South Africa, Carla Schier worked as a journalist (who just happened to have an advanced degree in environmental policy) before she moved to Germany and switched to women's health care. Then came another move, to Seattle, along with another career change, this time to baking. Specifically, creative wedding cakes. "The most beautiful cakes in America," according to Martha Stewart. The best in Seattle six years running, according to Seattle Bride magazine. Her company, Honey Crumb Cake Studio, is located in Lower Queen Anne, where she also teaches classes in creating flowers out of sugar frosting. Her Instagram feed is a succession of "Omigod, Carla" comments.

For a Champagne-lover's birthday party last week, she created a perfectly sculpted Veuve Clicquot Grande Dame bottle and ice bucket (carved from Earl Grey cake with lavender buttercream) complete with sugar "ice cubes." The hit of the party. For more traditional weddings, Schier creates multi-tiered cakes with edible flowers; for special occasions there are footballs,, bicycles, shoe boxes, baby animals, Harry Potter books, mermaids, forest scenes, even (gulp) unicorns. Not inexpensive, mind you; the custom cakes start at $400.

"Cake is reverence, cake is love," Schier explains. Yes, it's texture, aroma and taste. "But it's also a canvas, and a magic wand whose great power is to set your inner child free."

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