Aperitivi on SlowNight

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Last year, happened to be in Orvieto for CittàSlow. This year, in Torino for SlowNight. On the Piazza Castello, musicians from around the world perform on brightly-lit bandstands while tens of thousands listen in the warm night.

Caffe Torino-1.JPG Florio.JPG Roberto.JPG Mulassano.JPG

Beforehand, make the rounds of Torino's historic bars, celebrated as the cradle of the civilized aperitivo. Could get all fancy with cocktails, but stick to Campari Soda, a pre-mixed concoction, 10 percent alcohol, that comes in its own 10-ml bottle. Drop in at Florio (gold-braided waiters!), Roberto, Mulassano, Caffè Torino. Prepay cashier (3 euros or so), take scrip to barman. Sometimes there's a big spread of appetizers (Italy's Happy Hour, usually 6 euros), sometimes barman makes up a plate of snacks.

Out on the piazza, band strikes up a spirited version of "Saints." Feel blessed.

Aperitivo snacks1.JPG RH with Campari soda1.JPG


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