Pagliacci Comes to Dinner

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When we're not blogging about food, wine and opera, Cornichon works as the sommelier at Sorrentino atop Queen Anne. (Keeps us out of the bars, don't you know.)

Antonello%20Palombi%20and%20Nuccia%20Focile.JPG Pagliacci.jpg
On their best behavior at dinner; jealous lovers onstage.

So last night, who comes in but a devoted Seattle Opera volunteer shepherding soprano Nuccia Focile and tenor Antonello Palombi (with wife & adorable kids). Since they weren't drinking anything alcoholic other than a glass of Prosecco, we didn't spend much time at their table. Took a while for the coin to drop, but then we overheard someone say "Pagliacci" and we said, yes, we were going to attend the Sunday matinee.

Sunday? (Mock) outrage! But the Sunday performance has the alternate cast, not Nuccia and Antonello !! (Now it hits us who they are ... )

Gee, we stammer, the Saturday opening night press tickets were all gone ...Maybe we can ask for tickets to your performance later in the run, we say in our halting Italian ... what do you think? Not Wednesday because we're short-staffed and we can't get away, but one of the others?

We happened to have the laptop along and had just received an email from the opera's PR department with rehearsal photos and a link to the new video ... which they hadn't seen, so we show it to them and all ends well.

Unlike the opera, in which Antonello's character, Canio (as the hapless clown, Pagliacci) stabs Nuccia's character, his unfaithful wife, Nedda, in a jealous rage. They leave the restaurant in good spirits, with the high drama and the immortal curtain line ("La commedia è finita") still to come.

Seattle Opera presents Pagliacci at McCaw Hall, Jan, 12-26. Tickets online or 206-389-7676.

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What a scoop, Ronald. Congrats. And you are papparizzi (sp) too. Very cool.

Hi Ronaldo,

Let me see if I've got this right and please correct me if I am wrong.
Italian opera stars eat at Sorrentino's, Italian restaurateurs eat at Sorrentino's and purveyors of Italian food and wine eat at Sorrentino's, but Leslie Kelly does not like Sorrentino's because the chef and owners do not faun over the "anonymous" food critic (and I use that last word against my better judgement.)

Que buono fortuna!


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