Good Tree, Bad Tree on Third Avenue

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Good%20Tree.JPG Bad%20Tree.JPG

We're a bit surprised to find out the city's Urban Forestry people want to "spruce up" (get it?) Third Avenue, when other streets in Belltown, like parts of First, could certainly use the attention. And what makes a good urban tree, anyway? More to the point, what makes a bad one? Partly, we suppose, it's got to do with the kind of tree, but frankly, they all look kind of scraggly. ("Woodman, spare that tree!" you say? No, not this one, that one.) At any rate, "hybrid elms" are on the way, a cross between the American and the Siberian varieties, fast-growing, long-lasting and disease-resistant. If you're not a hybrid elm, you're coming down within the week.

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