Paella at Alabardero

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Paella.jpgPaella comes from the Latin patella, a cooking pan. (Your kneecap, also called patella, is kind of pan-shaped, isn't it?) Much as cassoulet (casserole) is now the dish itself (a succulent bean stew), rather than the pot it's cooked in, paella (related to the French poêle) now means the braised rice recipe.

Enter Taberna del Alabardero, the elegant Spanish restaurant that now occupies the former Cascadia space in Belltown, is offering a dozen paellas this week, preparred by a visiting paella chef from the Mediterranean coastal resort of Marbella.

Among the combinations that paella master David Montero (of the Barraca del Arroz) will present: pork ribs, oxtail, prawns, octopus & squid. Price is $20 per person, minimum of two.

Meantime, Alabardero has extended its Happy Hour; it now runs from 4 PM to 7 PM, half off the entire tapas menu in the bar.

And if that's not enough to entice you in, consider this: a four-wine, four-tapas tasting for $18. Maryhill is the featured winery this month.

Taberna del Alabardero, 2328 First Avenue, 206-4488884

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