Pee Eye Shoots Self in Foot (Yet Again); Oddfellows Owner Agrees with Stranger Pan

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Race%20to%20With%20Mountain.jpgThe Post-Intelligencer, in its death throes, seems to have outsourced its proofreading to a brain-dead copy editor (or to bargain software called Spelchkr, perhaps). A review by freelance movie critic Andy Speltzer gets titled "Race to With Mountain." Thanks to for the tip.

Freelance restaurant critic Leslie Kelly, meanwhile, takes advantage of the paper's last days to pan Seattle icons Canlis (last week) and Seastar (today).

On the good news side, the paper prints a report that foie gras protestors in Philadelphia are going to sit out this year's Foie Gras Week because they've come to realize that picketing at restaurants that serve the delicacy "isn't effective." And here we had no idea there even was a Foie Gras Week!. Are you listening, Northwest Animal Rights Network?

Unrelated matter: Bethany Jean Clement at The Stranger reviews the new hangout in her neighborhood, Oddfellows, and decides it has great vibe, so-so food. In the comments, owner Linda Dershang chimes in thus:

Unfortunately, I agree with Bethany's review. I have worked very hard to create a wonderful neighborhood cafe. We've hit it right with the interior, I think. We also have a great group of people working at Oddfellows. But the food is not there. My goal is to make changes and improvements on the food every day. I appreciate all the feedback. Bear with us.
Is she throwing her partner, Ericka Burke (of the excellent Volunteer Park Café), under the bus? Or will they work it out together?

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