Starbucks, Baconnaise, Madeleines

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Starbucks%20sandwich.jpgGot sent a jar of Baconnaise from the Bacon Salt guys (after Seattlest kept complaining about their crappy products) and, in same mail, a box of madeleines from Donsuemor that are now being sold at Nordy's and Albertson's.

Went to Starbucks to get one of their new $3.95 pairings (latte & pastry or brewed coffee & sandwich). Alas. Took home half a dry, inedible Black Forest ham & egg English muffin, picked up mail (see above). Reheated Starbucks muffin in toaster oven, slathered it with baconnaise. Synergy? Must be. Now semi-delicious. Dipped madeleine into the cup of Pike Place coffee, brought back memories of better coffee, better madeleines. What? Just because the economy's in the toilet doesn't mean we have to drop our standards, does it?

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