Lend a Hand to California's Avocado Growers

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Avocado%20farmers.jpegSeriously, we like avocados. They're smooth and delicious, not nearly as hard to enjoy as, say, artichoke hearts. Without avocados, there'd be no guacamole. But what, pray tell, is that thing advertised on KING FM, the "hand-grown" California avocado? Does a farmer really stand under the tree all day, holding the fruit? Do Americans really need to feel that coddled?

Look at this handsome website, which must have cost gazillions. Listen to these stories, especially the guy who climbed a mountain thanks to a lifetime of healthy avocado farming. But who, pray tell, held his hand-me-down avocados while he was out on the trail? Some hired handyman? Sure, we like to buy handmade stuff at street fairs and such, maybe a handwoven handkerchief. We like to think our foie gras comes from handfed geese. But fruit and vegetables?

California's avocado growers aren't living hand-to-mouth; they're in the agribiz biz. Unlike bankers, though, they're not asking for a hand-out.

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