Only in Italy: Cappooch

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BOLOGNA--If you order a latte, you'll get a glass of milk. If you want espresso with steamed milk, you ask for a cappuccio, short for cappuccino, and further shortened to something that sounds like a sneeze: cappooch!

As always, a shot of dark espresso, no more than an ounce. Meantime the barista hits the milk pitcher (whole milk, of course, none of that wussy two-percent) with a quick blast of steam, and pours some of it over the espresso. "Ecco," he says, handing you the cup; the saucer, spoon and sugar are already on the counter.

A shot of espresso is 1 euro, a cappooch is 1.30 euros. Buck fifty. Want a pastry to go with it? Another euro. Want a Starbucks latte? Wrong country.

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