Mother's Day, Mothers' Day?

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Alice's mother.JPG

Just one day for mothers doesn't seem enough.

Here's my maternal grandmother, Meta Wiesner (whom I never knew), dressed up as a gypsy for a fancy costume party in northern Germany in the early years of the 20th century, where she met my grandfather, Hugo Isaac; the commemorative selfie was painted later.

Although she had left Germany in the 1930s for Amsterdam, it was no longer safe after the Nazi invasion of Holland in 1940. Meta's oldest daughter--my mother--managed to get papers for America and settled in Oregon, where my father had found a distant cousin. The youngest daughter, my aunt Alice, was rounded up, escaped, was recaptured, and survived Bergen Belsen. But Meta and her middle daughter Marga, a classmate of Anne Frank, were taken prisoner by the Nazi occupiers in September of 1943 and gassed shortly after they arrived at Auschwitz.

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