Amazon, Voulez-Vous Carrefour Avec Moi?

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The notion that Amazon could be interested in buying the hypermarket chain Carrefour was floated today by a European business magazine.

Alexa, tell me about this Carrefour outfit.

Here's what you need to know, Mr. Bezos. It's French, but you knew that, right? The started in Annecy in 1960, and today they have 12,000 stores called hypermarkets in 30 countries. And almost 400,000 people on payroll.

Alexa, they sound a bit like Costco or Walmart. What's their market cap?

Nothing you can't handle, Mr. Bezos. About 13 billion euros. That's less than you just paid for Whole Foods, and they've only got 440 stores.

Alexa, are they even for sale?

Hard to say, sir. But they've got a great footprint across Europe, if you're looking at getting into the European food market. Remember, sir, that more than 95 % of food sales in Europe is made in brick-and-mortar stores.

Alexa, what do you hear on the street?

Frankly, there are people who think Google would be a better fit for Carrefour. As for home-town comment, the executive director of the French-American Chamber of Commerce in Seattle, would only say, "This would really be interesting."

Carrefour photo by PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP / via Getty Images

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