Of Geese and Fish

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We're back at this again. Sheesh. A federal appeals court in San Francisco last week upheld an earlier state law that banned the sale of foie gras made by the force-feeding of ducks and geese.

A three-judge panel said California is free to enforce it. The state legislature had passed the law in 2004 after finding that forced feeding was "cruel and inhumane." Cornichon vehemently disagrees with this assessment.

Two arguments: first, it's not inhumane at all. I've been covering this debate for decades now, and nobody seems to have asked the geese and the ducks that produce foie gras. They LOVE gavage. They waddle enthusiastically to the feeding apparatus. No carrot ever did that. No piglet, no calf, either.

Second, the matter of what I like to eat is none of your business. C;mon, friends, I don't sign petitions urging a ban on vegetarians, pescatarians, flexitarians, or vegans.

However, speaking of which, here's another news item. Whole Foods is going to substitute tomatoes for raw fish in some of its sushi. According to Supermarket News, Whole Foods will add a plant-based, raw tuna alternative to its fresh sushi bars in the New York City and Los Angeles markets next month.

It's called Ahimi, a vegetarian and vegan-friendly sushi substitute. Based on non-GMO tomatoes, It's produced by Ocean Hugger Foods in Noo Yawk City..

So there, folks, satisfied?

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