Cornichon Contest: Win a Wine Collar

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Wine%20Collar%20thumb.jpgYou see this object, known as a wine collar. Sterling silver, my friends, from Aspinal of London's selection of exquisite barware. Slide it over the neck of your Château La Nerthe or your Neckartal Riesling, your nec plus ultra flask of treasured nectar, and you'll stop worrying that a stray drop will sully your starched & ironed tablecloth. A $60 item, were you to purchase it from the source, but our friends at Aspinal have sent one to Cornichon to give away!

So here's what we're asking: send us a Wine Collar poem. Minimum 4 lines, maximum 12, that sings the praises of this functional item. Be inventive, be crazy, be formal, be casual, be bright & shiny. We'll publish the winning entry and send you this Sterling Silver Bottle Drip Collar in time for New Year's Eve.

Send your entries by email to Ronald [at], with the words "Cornichon Contest" in the subject line by December 24th. An impartial panel of judges will review all submissions. And who knows, if we get lots of entries, the good folks at Aspinal might be persuaded to repeat the give-away next year. They've got lots of classy stuff on their website, and if you spend $150 or more before the end of the year, you get 20 percent off. Just use this link and the code HOLIDAY20 when you order.

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