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The plucky Row House Cafe (at 1170 Republican in South Lake Union) has lost its bid for Historic Landmark status and will be torn down next year. The reason, duh, is development. An investment company will put up an 8-story apartment building.

Surprisingly, there's not a lot of caterwauling, teeth-gnashing, outrage. Everyone knew the day would come; there was no doomed-to-fail "Save the Row House" movement, no false nostalgia.The cafe's GM, Erin Maher, agrees with the decision. "Change is constant," she told The Seattle Times.

The buildings themselves have been there for a century or so, but the cafe is recent, 2010.

Lotta houses going under. Row House, Chophouse, Dog House. More houses on the list?

Tree House, Yard House, Tap House, Oyster House, Bottlehouse, Rein Haus, Boat House, Steakhouse (more than a few), Crab House, Sake House, Noodle House, Salmon House, Coffee House, Public House, Ale House, Chowder House, Tea House, Curry House, Fish House, Pancake House, Dumpling House, Spaghetti House, Tofu House, Giro House, Stone House, Greek House, Chaat House, Kabab House. Roast House, Manor House, Korean House.

(Look, there's no "pizza house" or "pho house." Pizza parlor, yes. Pho parlor, yes.

Well, not all gone. Not yet.

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