Commerce Secretary-Designate Eats at Dick's

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Photo courtesy John Spady, Dick's Drive Ins

There's something touching about this photo, and it's not just the lovey-dovey fries-and-milkshake. There's that copper-colored wrapper around the Dick's burger, the twinkle of autumn light on the leaves outside, the loving, respectful way the two figures look at each other, mid-bite.

In case you haven't heard, the dude is Gary Locke, former governor, and gal is his wife, Mona, and it looks like he'll be joining the Obama administration as Secretary of Commerce. No freaking French dinners on the DC party circuit for the Lockes, merci beaucoup, we're in the hands of a guy who knows the value of a 19-cent burger. Okay, it's more than that now, but that's what it cost 55 years ago, when Dick Spady started the biz in Wallingford. Bodes well, in our opinion, for the future of international trade and the virtures of moderate consumption.

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