Too many bubbles, not enough analysis

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Shopping cart.jpgRemember this picture in the Noo Yawk Timez last week, of a shopping cart full of soda? So far, so good. The headline suggests the cart is piloted by a food stamp mom, but the story itself says the contrary. Everybody buys too much soda..

Hey, I'm no fan of soda. But don't demonize "poor people" on food stamps for making the same bad food choices as everybody else. Sure, as income increases, as education increases, people tend to eat healthier diets. But the article puts all the blame on the folks who need food stamps, rather than where it belongs: on Coke and Pepsi and the billions they spend to get us all to drink their Kool-Aid.

An industry newsletter called The New Food Economy calls bullshit and puts the Times piece in perspective.

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