Updates: Baconnaise, Breathable Glass, Taxis!

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Breathable%20Glass.JPGBaconnaise: As we wrote last month, we live in a bacon nation, it seems, with only a few voices (Cornichon's, for one) raised in protest. Until last night. Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (about 5:15 into this clip). "We actually invented this," said Stewart, putting a jar of the stuff on his desk. "Baconnaise, for people who want to get heart disease but, you know, too lazy to actually make bacon."

Breathable Glass: was it almost two years ago? We wrote a snarky post about "breathable crystal" by a German manufacturer called Eisch. They say it improves wine in two minutes; we said not-so-much. Well, turns out Eisch Glaskultur was just named the "Glass Producer of the Year" by the German Retailers Association. For the eleventh year in a row, mind you. That's a relief; we can all breath easy now.

The Cab Not Taken, 2009 Edition: Last June, we almost jumped into a Yellow Cab (with its rooftop ad for flights to Heathrow) just to escape the gloomy weather. That was then--the climate has changed. Last night, emerging well-fed but late from Pearl in Bellevue, we found we'd missed our ride back to Seattle. We'd taken Sound Transit over, but now the prospect of a bus ride seemed overwhelming. Three taxis stood in line outside the Westin. Normally it's a $35 fare but we had exactly one $20 bill in our wallet. "Belltown for twenty bucks?" we asked. The first cabbie, understandably, refused. Second one glowered briefly and muttered, "Twenty-five." Third one reflected a moment, then said, "Get in." Twenty minutes later we were home. A parable for getting along in today's economy, perhaps?

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